“Wild and beautiful West Cork has been my home since 1988, and for several years I've been Patron of the West Cork Craft and Design Guild.”

“Among the many riches to be explored here is a profusion of accomplished craftworkers. Like themselves, their work is unique, often idiosyncratic. Many of them draw inspiration from their surroundings, and relish the slower pace of life still found here. Several bring contemporary influences from beyond these shores.”

”The West Cork Craft and Design Guild works to bring together the pick of the crop, to nurture creativity and to promote the best in craft. You can find out more about West Cork's outstanding craftwork, as I have, by browsing this site.“

Jeremy Irons
”I've had the privilege of being able to commission and buy a good deal of work from West Cork artists and craftworkers.“

“I spent three memorable days learning how to carve wood, and that remains for me a very rare time.”

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